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Designing Dog Toys: Companies You Need to Work With

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Designing dog toys for a living can be a lucrative career you can enjoy. The pet industry continues to grow despite economic hardships that make other niches fail, and 2015 alone netted over $14 billion of sales in pet supplies alone. Dog toys fall into the category of pet supplies, right alongside leashes, collars, and accessories, and a business in pet supplies can make you a lot of money. If you are wanting to design and sell dog toys for a living, you need to know the type of companies you will want to work with. Rubber manufacturer ...

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Rent A Scaffold To Repair Woodpecker Holes And Restain The Exterior Of Your Two-Story Log Home

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If you have a log house, then you know that there are two major issues that you need to deal with. The first is that you will need to stain the logs every few years. You can’t paint the logs because the logs need to breathe. However, if you have not cleaned the stain every year, you can’t stain over the current stain because it will be dirty and deteriorated. It will need to be completely removed. The second problem you will have to deal with is woodpecker holes. Woodpeckers will land on the logs and tap into wood. These holes...

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Why Use Corrugated Boxes To Ship Your Items To Retail Stores

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When your small business has grown to the point where you are shipping items out to different retail stores, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of packaging is best for those kinds of shipments. There are a number of options available, but there are some good reasons to choose corrugated boxes. Check out the following reasons that these kinds of boxes might be right for your business. Corrugated Boxes Provide Additional Protection To recognize a corrugated box, you need to look at the edge of one of the flaps. You should see...

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4 Advantages Of Using Cold Rolled Steel

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Cold rolled steel requires more processing than hot rolled steel. It has to be cooled and annealed to get it to where it can be used. This helps to deliver steel that has an assortment of different finishes and a higher dimensional tolerance. However, many are still confused as to what the benefits of cold steel are over hot steel. To help you better understand some of the benefits surrounding this metal, check out the main advantages below. Cold drawing. Thanks to cold drawing, the steel has a higher tensile strength. This tends to eliminate...

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3 Reasons To Choose Bronze When Selecting Seals For Your Industrial Equipment

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Access to functional and reliable equipment makes it easier to turn a profit in the manufacturing industry. If your warehouse features machinery that relies on seals to work effectively, you may want to consider using bronze seals instead of alternatives like aluminum or copper. Here are three benefits that bronze seals can provide when used in an industrial setting. 1. Bronze and bronze alloys are resistant to corrosion. Metal parts found in many machines can begin to rust over time. Since rust eats away at the metal, it can severely...

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Technologically-Advanced Tools For Maximizing Productivity In Your Contractor Business

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Whether you work as a general contractor or some other type of contractor, you are probably aware that productivity can sometimes be a problem in this industry. Whenever productivity is slower than expected, it can result in loss of business, and therefore lower your earnings. One major change that can significantly boost productivity and improve many aspects of your business in the process is investing in some innovative new tools. Here are some contractor’s tool that can really make a difference: Wireless digital P/T gauge If you have...

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Grease and Oil Dumpsters—Reducing Spill Problems

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If you own a business and need to get rid of debris and waste on occasion, then a dumpster rental may be ideal for you. These rentals allow you to secure a 30 or 40 yard commercial dumpster on your property that can be emptied on a regular schedule. However, if you need to discard more than trash or recyclable materials, then you may need a special dumpster like a grease and oil dumpster. These dumpsters are typically filled with cooking oils used in restaurants. While the oil materials can be removed and recycled for use as biofuels, some...

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3 Tips For Preventing Improper Hydraulic Seal Installation

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Hydraulic seals play an important role in allowing your industrial machinery to function properly. Because these seals can wear out over time, they must be replaced in order to ensure maximum efficiency. Improper hydraulic seal installation is a common problem that can easily be addressed with your employees. Here are three tips to provide your employees with in order to ensure replacement seals are installed correctly. 1. Make sure the replacement seal is clean before installation. Dirt or debris on the surface of a hydraulic seal could lead...

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3 Ways You Can Put Utility Carts To Work For You

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At one point in time or another, you have probably seen a utility cart being used in a home or business. These carts have a wide assortment of uses, which is why they are so popular today. Don’t think you could possibly benefit from having one in your home or business? Check out some of the ways you can put a utility cart to use around your space. Craft Supply Storage Instead of having your craft supplies laying around your home, you can store them neatly on a utility cart. When you need the cart, you can simply roll it to where you...

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Three Great Benefits of Building with Structured Steel

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You have a lot of materials to choose from for your construction project, but steel is a wonderful material to use for a number of reasons. If you have projects on the table that require strong, long-lasting equipment, you should consider constructing them with steel so that your business and your clients reap those benefits. Read on to learn the advantages of using structured steel, and don’t hesitate to reach out to steel providers who can help you out.  Advantage #1: Structured Steel Allows You to Finish Projects Quickly In the...

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