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3 Reasons to Use Plastic Welding Machinery in Your Manufacturing Plant

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When you think about welding, you might think about it being used on metal items. Therefore, if you use plastic rather than metal in your manufacturing plant, you might not have ever thought about utilizing welding equipment in your production process. However, there is actually machinery out there that is designed specifically for welding plastic. These are a few reasons why you might want to think about investing in this equipment for your manufacturing plant. 1. Increase Your Production Speed One great thing about plastic welding equipment is the fact that it’s designed to get the job done fast. As you probably already know, being able to produce items more quickly in your manufacturing plant can make a big difference in how successfully you’re able to meet your production goals and how much profit your company is able to make. If you’d like to keep up with your company’s busy production needs, investing in the right plastic welding equipment is a good way of doing so. 2. Reduce Manufacturing Costs Another great thing about plastic welding equipment is the fact that it can do most of the work itself. Even though you might need to have a few experienced workers on hand to keep an eye on the equipment and to help with manufacturing in a few minor ways, you will probably find that you don’t need to have nearly as many people working on each shift when you start using this equipment. Since payroll costs are probably some of the biggest expenses within your place of business, this can be a great way to reduce manufacturing costs. Additionally, using this equipment is a good way to cut down on waste, which can also cost your production plant a lot of money. 3. Ensure a Reliable Product Even if you have the best workers working on your production line, there is always the chance that they could make mistakes that could get in the way of you putting out a reliable product. The good thing about using plastic welding machinery is the fact that you can almost always rely on it to provide you with a very reliable, consistent product. As you can see, plastic welding can be a great option for your manufacturing plant, and investing in the right machinery for plastic welding is a smart choice. If you have not yet looked into investing in this machinery, ask a company like MGM Plastics about their services and equipment so you can get...

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Designing Dog Toys: Companies You Need to Work With

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Designing dog toys for a living can be a lucrative career you can enjoy. The pet industry continues to grow despite economic hardships that make other niches fail, and 2015 alone netted over $14 billion of sales in pet supplies alone. Dog toys fall into the category of pet supplies, right alongside leashes, collars, and accessories, and a business in pet supplies can make you a lot of money. If you are wanting to design and sell dog toys for a living, you need to know the type of companies you will want to work with. Rubber manufacturer  A rubber manufacturer will help you design and bring to life the custom rubber components of your dog toy. Work with a company that specializes in natural rubber, which is often used in latex, so you can promote your dog toys as being safe and human-grade. This is best accomplished by choosing a manufacturer who also creates custom rubber parts or molding for baby toys and supplies and closely monitors components for safety and quality due to the intended consumer. Packaging company While a dog may not care about how their toy is presented to them, their owners will. With many other items on the store shelves, you want to make sure that your dog toys are packaged in an attractive way that will create instant customer appeal. A packaging company can help you choose the material for your toy to be packaged in, including boxes, sacks, or just a ring with a tag, and can help design a beautiful concept that will be hard to miss on a shelf or rack in any store. Wholesaler  A wholesaler is the company that buys your products in bulk and then resells them to retailers to gain a profit. Rather than try to reach out to the retail masses on your own, a wholesaler does the work for you and allows you to sell massive quantities of your dog toys at once. They also help keep the demand for your product strong by choosing the right stores and companies to resell your dog toys to. Choose a wholesaler that specializes in pet products or supplies, as they will know the right retailers to promote your dog toys to. Designing a dog toy can be more than just a concept with the right companies by your side. If you work with the right professionals you should be able to quickly put your dream on the market and make your fair share of the billions of dollars dog toys can...

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Rent A Scaffold To Repair Woodpecker Holes And Restain The Exterior Of Your Two-Story Log Home

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If you have a log house, then you know that there are two major issues that you need to deal with. The first is that you will need to stain the logs every few years. You can’t paint the logs because the logs need to breathe. However, if you have not cleaned the stain every year, you can’t stain over the current stain because it will be dirty and deteriorated. It will need to be completely removed. The second problem you will have to deal with is woodpecker holes. Woodpeckers will land on the logs and tap into wood. These holes need to be repaired when you are getting ready to stain. Below is what you will need to do it. Scaffolding Anytime you’re working on the second story of a home, you want to have a secure place to stand and move around on. A ladder is not a good choice for this sort of work because it can tip over, plus you will constantly have to get off the ladder and reposition it. A scaffolding can be set up and allow you to walk back and forth. Scaffolding is also much sturdier than a simple ladder. This equipment has four legs and is heavily weighted so it won’t sway around. Also, the scaffolding has a platform which not only allows you to move back and forth, but it also allows you a place to put your tools. Climbing a ladder with a bucket of stain is a dicey situation. You can rent the scaffolding from a company like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co. for a few days, which should be enough time to complete the job. The company will deliver the scaffolding and set it up, and when it’s time to remove it they will come and disassemble it. Stain Remover and Wood Putty After the scaffolding is assembled, you want to strip the old stain off using a stain remover. Get a paste that can be applied with a brush. Leave the paste on for the amount of time the container says, then clean it off using a hose. If you can’t get a hose to reach up to the second floor, you should rent a pump action power sprayer. You can fill these with water and carry them up to the top of the scaffold. You manually pump them and then they will spray out water with force. Once you’ve washed the stain removal paste off with water, let the logs dry overnight. The next day you should go back to the top and fill in the woodpecker holes with wood putty. Let the putty dry and then sand it down so that the fill is flush with the logs. At this point you are ready to apply fresh stain to the...

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Why Use Corrugated Boxes To Ship Your Items To Retail Stores

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When your small business has grown to the point where you are shipping items out to different retail stores, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of packaging is best for those kinds of shipments. There are a number of options available, but there are some good reasons to choose corrugated boxes. Check out the following reasons that these kinds of boxes might be right for your business. Corrugated Boxes Provide Additional Protection To recognize a corrugated box, you need to look at the edge of one of the flaps. You should see what looks like a crimped piece of cardboard in between two flat pieces of cardboard. It might remind you a bit of a sandwich, but the funny look is practical. The crimped piece creates a “wave” or fluting effect where there are air pockets that create a cushion. Therefore, there is an extra layer of protection for your products. Corrugated Boxes May Cost Less to Ship It’s possible that you’re also considering plastic or wood crates for your products. However, those substances are often heavier than cardboard. As a business owner, that should concern you because that could mean that wood or plastic are more costly to ship, which would of course eat into your profits. Corrugated boxes can offer the opportunity to be frugal while still ensuring that your items get to their destination safely. Corrugated Boxes are Environmentally-Friendly You may already recycle cardboard, and if you’re interested in continuing to be environmentally-friendly, you should know that in 2015, 92.9% of corrugated materials were recovered for recycling. However, recycling is not the only way that corrugated boxes help the environment. If you have a packaging company produce custom-size boxes, you may not be using as much cardboard; you won’t have as many foam peanuts or packing paper to fill empty space. That means you’ll be producing less waste overall. Corrugated Boxes Can Be Easily Customized Because these boxes are made of cardboard, they are great for customizing with a logo or other eye-catching graphics. This can help increase your visibility at every point in the boxes’ journey; many hands touch your packages as they make their way from your business to the customer, and having interesting visual elements on the boxes can make a lot of people familiar with your company. Corrugated boxes are a solid option when it comes to the packaging you need for your products. For more help, consult a shipping company that can help you determine which packaging equipment solutions are best for you and your...

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4 Advantages Of Using Cold Rolled Steel

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Cold rolled steel requires more processing than hot rolled steel. It has to be cooled and annealed to get it to where it can be used. This helps to deliver steel that has an assortment of different finishes and a higher dimensional tolerance. However, many are still confused as to what the benefits of cold steel are over hot steel. To help you better understand some of the benefits surrounding this metal, check out the main advantages below. Cold drawing. Thanks to cold drawing, the steel has a higher tensile strength. This tends to eliminate more expensive thermal treatments and provides you with one of the strongest materials in the industry. You can use cold steel anywhere you need something that is straight, concentric and tolerant. With cold steel, you are going to get a product that has an amazing finish to it. This material can tolerate more than what you might realize, which is why it is so widely used in industrial settings today. Turning. As the steel is processed, it is continuously turned and manipulated. All of that turning is what helps to eliminate any imperfections on the surface of the steel. In the end, you are left with a nice, smooth surface that can easily be used in an assortment of settings without having to deal with a rough, jagged surface. Grinding. To help narrow down tolerance ranges, grinding is often used. You can grind the material as much or as little as you want. The main thing to think about is what you are planning on using the steel for and what type of results you expect to have. This will help you make an informed decision on how much grinding is needed. Polishing. Polishing is used to help improve the finish of the steel. By polishing it extensively, you can make the surface shine. This is great when you are planning on using the steel in a place where you need it to be more aesthetically appealing. You can keep polishing the steel to continue improving the shine and stop when you are happy with the results. By going through the four benefits above, you are sure to create a type of steel surface that is going to accommodate your needs in no time. There is no reason why you cannot get the results you desire. It is simply a matter of time to get the steel to your...

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3 Reasons To Choose Bronze When Selecting Seals For Your Industrial Equipment

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Access to functional and reliable equipment makes it easier to turn a profit in the manufacturing industry. If your warehouse features machinery that relies on seals to work effectively, you may want to consider using bronze seals instead of alternatives like aluminum or copper. Here are three benefits that bronze seals can provide when used in an industrial setting. 1. Bronze and bronze alloys are resistant to corrosion. Metal parts found in many machines can begin to rust over time. Since rust eats away at the metal, it can severely compromise the integrity of the seals used in your manufacturing equipment. Bronze, which is an alloy made by combining copper and tin, has no iron content. This prevents bronze seals from rusting. Instead, bronze seals will form a patina as they age. Bronze is equipped to withstand industrial, rural, and marine atmospheres, and it can even maintain its strength when exposed to weak acids if the proper protective coatings are applied. This ability to withstand corrosion makes bronze seals a durable option for your industrial machinery. 2. Bronze can easily be brazed or soldered. Repairing seals that have been damaged becomes simple if your machines rely on bronze seals. Rather than requiring welding, which results in the melting of the base material due to high temperatures, cracks in bronze seals can be brazed or soldered instead. Brazing is a process that uses a filler metal to create a metallurgical bond that eliminates any cracks in your bronze seals. The reduced heat needed for brazing and soldering helps keep the base material in your seals intact, ensuring that they will last as long as possible. 3. Bronze seals are durable. If you are looking for seals that can withstand the constant pressure placed on them in an industrial setting, bronze seals could be the answer. The durability of phosphor bronze seals (which contain between 0.5 and 11% tin and 0.01 to 0.35 % phosphorous) allows them to outlive many of the machines they are installed in. Seals made from phosphor bronze provide the high spring qualities, fatigue resistance, and strength needed to keep your industrial machines working properly well into the future. Replacing existing seals with bronze seals can be beneficial. Bronze seals have the ability to resist corrosion, can be repaired easily through brazing or soldering, and offer the strength and durability required to keep your industrial equipment working without delays. For professional bronze seals, click on this link or do an online...

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Technologically-Advanced Tools For Maximizing Productivity In Your Contractor Business

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Whether you work as a general contractor or some other type of contractor, you are probably aware that productivity can sometimes be a problem in this industry. Whenever productivity is slower than expected, it can result in loss of business, and therefore lower your earnings. One major change that can significantly boost productivity and improve many aspects of your business in the process is investing in some innovative new tools. Here are some contractor’s tool that can really make a difference: Wireless digital P/T gauge If you have found that measuring the pressure, temperature and other necessities has been an issue, then you may want to look into purchasing a wireless digital P/T gauge to your contractor toolbox. Not only can this innovative new tool provide you with instant and very accurate readings, but it will display the reading right on your cellular phone or any other mobile device. With this device, you don’t have to worry dealing with troublesome hoses and manifold gauges, which can make the entire process quite seamless. This is especially true when it comes to transporting the device from job to job, as the digital gauge is lightweight. Brushless 18-Volt Drills Cumbersome and heavy drills of the past were known to cause discomfort in the wrist, in addition to extending the time it took to complete certain jobs. Fortunately, with the introduction of new and improved brushless 18-volt drills, there is less of an impact on the wrist, and jobs can be completed in less time. This is possible because these newer drills are more compact and more efficient. Due to the fact that the drills are without brushes, the battery life is significantly longer, enabling you to perform more work per charge.  Wireless handling  If you work in construction, then your business might benefit from this innovative new system, which has the ability to effortlessly transport heavy equipment as well as large amounts of items. This wireless system can hold as much as 600 lbs, and it can easily move up and down stairs and on any work site. The system is also eco-friendly, dependable and durable.  Lack of productivity can be a major frustration when working as a contractor. However, by making a few changes, you can complete jobs more efficiently, accurately and quickly. New and improved contractor tools are constantly being introduced, so if you want to continue to improve productivity, then you should stay on top of these technological advancements, which can make a huge difference in your earnings. For more information, contact suppliers like CL Presser...

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Grease and Oil Dumpsters—Reducing Spill Problems

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If you own a business and need to get rid of debris and waste on occasion, then a dumpster rental may be ideal for you. These rentals allow you to secure a 30 or 40 yard commercial dumpster on your property that can be emptied on a regular schedule. However, if you need to discard more than trash or recyclable materials, then you may need a special dumpster like a grease and oil dumpster. These dumpsters are typically filled with cooking oils used in restaurants. While the oil materials can be removed and recycled for use as biofuels, some grease and residue will be left behind. Find out how spilled oil can cause issues and how you can prevent problems. Grease and Asphalt Damage Most grease and oil dumpsters are typically placed along the back sides of restaurants, so they are not seen by patrons. This location is often ideal, but the dumpster will usually sit on a portion of your asphalt parking lot. Oil and grease are likely to spill onto the asphalt. Asphalt pavement contains a petroleum-based bitumen binder. The binder acts like a glue to secure the stone and sand aggregate materials together. The bitumen does not completely dry out once the parking lot is installed, and this helps to keep the asphalt flexible. Unfortunately, when oils and grease fall on the asphalt, they mix with the bitumen and create soft spots across your parking lot. This will result in the formation of potholes, cracks, and generally weak areas around the asphalt. Your dumpster may tip or spill even more grease if the caster wheels find their way into these weak areas. Preventing Spill Problems One of the best ways to prevent weak and degraded asphalt is to secure a guard or pad underneath your dumpster. Find a location at the edge of your parking lot area that is flat, level, and free of cracks. Make sure the space is at least a few feet from the very edge of the asphalt. Asphalt edges are typically tapered downward. This means they are thinner, weaker, and more likely to crack. Once you have found the right space, purchase a dumpster guard that is specifically meant to trap grease and oil. This guard will consist of a solid piece of concrete or rubber with a solid steel grate on top. Underneath the holes of the grate will sit a filter. The dumpster is set on top of the grate and the filter will absorb all of the oil and grease that spills around the exterior of the dumpster. If you decide to secure one of these guards, just make sure that you switch out filters on occasion. You will need to visually inspect the filter weekly and secure a new filter once the old one becomes saturated.  Now that you know the facts, you’re ready to rent a dumpster. Contact a company like TCM Sweeping and Disposal to get started...

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3 Tips For Preventing Improper Hydraulic Seal Installation

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Hydraulic seals play an important role in allowing your industrial machinery to function properly. Because these seals can wear out over time, they must be replaced in order to ensure maximum efficiency. Improper hydraulic seal installation is a common problem that can easily be addressed with your employees. Here are three tips to provide your employees with in order to ensure replacement seals are installed correctly. 1. Make sure the replacement seal is clean before installation. Dirt or debris on the surface of a hydraulic seal could lead to contamination of the hydraulic fluid flowing through your machine. As dirt and debris are circulated throughout the moving parts of machinery, these particles can adhere to the metal’s surface and cause corrosion. Because chemical solvents can cause nitrile, neoprene, and silicone seals to begin deteriorating prematurely, it’s best to avoid these solvents when cleaning hydraulic seals before installation. Instead, suggest that your employees use water and a clean, lint-free rag to wipe away any contaminants before replacing a faulty seal in the future. 2. Make sure there are no cuts or nicks in the seal before installation. Only a hydraulic seal that is completely intact can provide the type of protection your machinery needs to run properly. Even small nicks or cuts in the seal before replacement can cause big problems down the road. It’s imperative that your employees check for any type of damage to the replacement seal before installation. A seal with nicks or cuts could cause the hydraulic fluid in your machinery to leak, compromising the integrity of the entire hydraulic system. Taking a few minutes to make sure the replacement seal is in pristine condition before installation will improve the performance of your machinery in the future. 3. Make sure the seal is properly lubricated before installation. To keep a hydraulic seal pliable, it must be lubricated at all times. Installing a dry hydraulic seal could compromise the function of your machinery, so be sure that your employees are taking the time to lubricate all replacement seals before installation. When lubricating a hydraulic seal (especially a guide ring), you should use the same fluid that is running through the machine’s hydraulic system. This will prevent cross-contamination and ensure the seal is ready to perform in sync with the hydraulic system.  Understanding how to prevent improper hydraulic seal installation will allow you to increase the efficiency of your industrial machinery. Be sure that your employees are taking the time to clean seals before installation, check for cuts or nicks prior to replacement, and lubricate the new seal during installation to reduce the number of improperly installed seals in the...

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3 Ways You Can Put Utility Carts To Work For You

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At one point in time or another, you have probably seen a utility cart being used in a home or business. These carts have a wide assortment of uses, which is why they are so popular today. Don’t think you could possibly benefit from having one in your home or business? Check out some of the ways you can put a utility cart to use around your space. Craft Supply Storage Instead of having your craft supplies laying around your home, you can store them neatly on a utility cart. When you need the cart, you can simply roll it to where you want to work. Store things like markers, paper, glue, stickers, crayons and much more without having to worry about misplacing all of your favorite items. Regardless of where you want to create your next big creation, your cart can go with you. Spend a little time decorating your cart with some of your art supplies to make it stand out. Home Office Organization Working from home comes with a lot of perks. However, you want to make sure you have all of the proper supplies nearby to ensure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Rolling carts allow you to store all of your printer ink, printer paper, pens, pencils, work assignments and more all in one convenient location. If you want to work out in the living room, you can take your cart with you. It also gives you a place to store everything out of sight and away from prying eyes between clients. You don’t want clients looking into other clients’ affairs when visiting your home office. Industrial Applications When working in a warehouse that stocks supplies and picks orders, a rolling cart can come in handy. You can easily put all of your items on the cart and roll it around from one aisle to the next to take care of inventory and fulfill orders in no time. Since there are various sizes of carts available, you can choose the one that is going to best accommodate your needs. When it comes to rolling carts, you can put them to use in a variety of applications. Many people don’t realize just how amazing these carts are until they start using them around their home or business on a regular basis. Contact a professional distributor, like Garland’s Inc, to discuss your options for purchasing a utility cart...

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