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Gaining A Greater Understanding of the Sewer Inspection Camera in Commercial Settings

When you are having issues with drainage lines and the septic system in your commercial business, you may be expecting a skilled plumber to show up with a lot of tools, but the one commercial plumbing supply you may not expect to see is a camera. Sewer inspection cameras are quite commonly used in commercial settings today to track down the source of a problem before work ever begins on the lines. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions store owners have about using a camera in sewer inspection projects.

How does the sewer inspection camera work?

The sewer inspection camera is a small, waterproof filming device that is connected to a flexible, but controllable wiring harness that is controlled by the plumber. The camera emits video footage to a handheld screen to provide the professional with an inside look at what is going on in the septic system and plumbing lines. This is helpful because it is typically a trial-and-error procedure to track down the source of drainage issues beneath the flooring of a facility.

What access points will the commercial plumber use to get the camera into the septic system?

Because the size of the camera is so small, it can be inserted at an array of different access points throughout your building. This could be a drainage line in the floor or even down the toilet. The plumber may take a look from several different access points during the inspection in order to appropriately diagnose the problems and their cause.

If the plumber cannot find the problem with the camera, what happens next?

Using the sewer inspection camera during inspection is almost always effective at tracking down the plumbing issue. However, if the camera cannot help find the source of the problem, the plumber will use skilled expertise and professional experience to tackle the repair job as best as possible. This can include digging up lines, removing fixtures, and a lot of hard work that is time consuming for both the plumber and your building.

If you have been experienced drainage issues in your business, you already know how important it is to track down the problem. When it comes to modern commercial plumbing supplies, the sewer inspection camera is one that you can appreciate, even without being a licensed plumber. Use of this device will likely cut the duration of the project so you can get back to business as usual.