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3 Tips To Keep Your End Mills In Good Condition

If you are in the machining industry, you probably count on your small end mills as a daily part of running your business and doing your job. However, you might have found that you are replacing your end mills more frequently than you would like to. Luckily, following these tips can help you keep your end mills in good condition.

1. Focus on Horizontal Cutting

Although end mills might be designed with cutting in mind, they are more or less designed for horizontal cutting rather than vertical cutting. Although you might be able to use your end mills for vertical cutting every now and then, it's generally better to look for a different method of vertical cutting if you want a clean, smooth cut and if you want to keep your end mills in good condition. By using them for horizontal cutting, you can help prevent damage to the tips and can help keep your end mills in good condition.

2. Purchase a Coated End Mill

Different end mills come with different coatings. If possible, look for one that has a protective coating, such as a "tool coating." When cutting certain metals, such as aluminum, the coatings on the end mills can become affected. This can cause an end mill to look worn out, and it can also cause "dragging" and other imperfections when cutting. By purchasing an end mill with the right protective coating, you can help it last longer when cutting tough materials.

3. Slow it Down

If you have noticed that your end mills have been wearing out more quickly than they should, you may want to look at the speed that you and your machinery are working at. Machinery that is moving too fast can put too much pressure on your end mills, which can cause them to break. You may want to adjust your speed and go a little bit slower while cutting to help prevent excessive damage to your end mills. Another alternative is to purchase larger end mills, which will be stronger and better able to withstand the higher cutting speed.

If you are involved in a machining industry, you probably rely on your end mills to help you get through your day-to-day operations; therefore, you probably want to keep your end mills in good condition for as long as possible. Luckily, following these tips while you are working will help you keep your end mills in good shape.