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Three Portable Sawmill Solutions For The DIY Woodworker

Whether you work with wood for a hobby or as a profession, many tools can make tasks easier. Some tools can also give you the ability to do more, as well as create custom woodwork with materials that cannot be bought in a store. Portable sawmills, planers and milling tools can give you the satisfaction of transforming logs into pieces of art. Here are some sawmill solutions that can help you create custom materials for your projects:

1. Simple Chainsaw Bar Attachments For Rough Cuts

The chainsaw can be a great tool for milling your own lumber. If you have experience using a chainsaw, this is something that you may be able to do freehand. If you want to get better cuts, there are also simple attachments that you can use on the bar of your chainsaw to get better cuts. This is an affordable way to cut timber into manageable pieces and get it into a shop.

2. Horizontal Band Saw Sawmill For Getting Wood To Dimensions

Horizontal band saws can be great tools for cutting your own lumber. They come in many different sizes and are often attached to portable sawmills. There are many different designs, which you can make adjustments to, according to your needs. If you want to be able to cut larger lumber, you can change the band saw tires and add a larger blade to be able to cut large timber, or even create your own design that works for your needs. This can be great if you want to be able to cut lumber to accurate dimensions on-site.

3. Sawmill Rack With Chainsaw Attachment To Mill With Onsite

You can also get a portable sawmill rack to mount a chainsaw to. These mill systems can give you the option to use different bar lengths and different types of chainsaws. They can even be chainsaws that are powered by electric motors. You can also use a band saw attachment with the racks for different types of materials and cuts that are more accurate. These mills can also have extensions, which will allow you to cut longer materials if you need to.

Having you very own personal sawmill can be rewarding and give you access to many materials that you would not normally be able to use in your projects. If you need to build your own sawmill, you can contact a dealer of band saw equipment to get blades, tires and other parts to build your sawmill.