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Grease and Oil Dumpsters—Reducing Spill Problems

If you own a business and need to get rid of debris and waste on occasion, then a dumpster rental may be ideal for you. These rentals allow you to secure a 30 or 40 yard commercial dumpster on your property that can be emptied on a regular schedule. However, if you need to discard more than trash or recyclable materials, then you may need a special dumpster like a grease and oil dumpster. These dumpsters are typically filled with cooking oils used in restaurants. While the oil materials can be removed and recycled for use as biofuels, some grease and residue will be left behind. Find out how spilled oil can cause issues and how you can prevent problems.

Grease and Asphalt Damage

Most grease and oil dumpsters are typically placed along the back sides of restaurants, so they are not seen by patrons. This location is often ideal, but the dumpster will usually sit on a portion of your asphalt parking lot. Oil and grease are likely to spill onto the asphalt. Asphalt pavement contains a petroleum-based bitumen binder. The binder acts like a glue to secure the stone and sand aggregate materials together. The bitumen does not completely dry out once the parking lot is installed, and this helps to keep the asphalt flexible.

Unfortunately, when oils and grease fall on the asphalt, they mix with the bitumen and create soft spots across your parking lot. This will result in the formation of potholes, cracks, and generally weak areas around the asphalt. Your dumpster may tip or spill even more grease if the caster wheels find their way into these weak areas.

Preventing Spill Problems

One of the best ways to prevent weak and degraded asphalt is to secure a guard or pad underneath your dumpster. Find a location at the edge of your parking lot area that is flat, level, and free of cracks. Make sure the space is at least a few feet from the very edge of the asphalt. Asphalt edges are typically tapered downward. This means they are thinner, weaker, and more likely to crack.

Once you have found the right space, purchase a dumpster guard that is specifically meant to trap grease and oil. This guard will consist of a solid piece of concrete or rubber with a solid steel grate on top. Underneath the holes of the grate will sit a filter. The dumpster is set on top of the grate and the filter will absorb all of the oil and grease that spills around the exterior of the dumpster. If you decide to secure one of these guards, just make sure that you switch out filters on occasion. You will need to visually inspect the filter weekly and secure a new filter once the old one becomes saturated. 

Now that you know the facts, you're ready to rent a dumpster. Contact a company like TCM Sweeping and Disposal to get started today.