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3 Reasons To Choose Bronze When Selecting Seals For Your Industrial Equipment

Access to functional and reliable equipment makes it easier to turn a profit in the manufacturing industry. If your warehouse features machinery that relies on seals to work effectively, you may want to consider using bronze seals instead of alternatives like aluminum or copper.

Here are three benefits that bronze seals can provide when used in an industrial setting.

1. Bronze and bronze alloys are resistant to corrosion.

Metal parts found in many machines can begin to rust over time. Since rust eats away at the metal, it can severely compromise the integrity of the seals used in your manufacturing equipment. Bronze, which is an alloy made by combining copper and tin, has no iron content. This prevents bronze seals from rusting.

Instead, bronze seals will form a patina as they age. Bronze is equipped to withstand industrial, rural, and marine atmospheres, and it can even maintain its strength when exposed to weak acids if the proper protective coatings are applied. This ability to withstand corrosion makes bronze seals a durable option for your industrial machinery.

2. Bronze can easily be brazed or soldered.

Repairing seals that have been damaged becomes simple if your machines rely on bronze seals. Rather than requiring welding, which results in the melting of the base material due to high temperatures, cracks in bronze seals can be brazed or soldered instead.

Brazing is a process that uses a filler metal to create a metallurgical bond that eliminates any cracks in your bronze seals. The reduced heat needed for brazing and soldering helps keep the base material in your seals intact, ensuring that they will last as long as possible.

3. Bronze seals are durable.

If you are looking for seals that can withstand the constant pressure placed on them in an industrial setting, bronze seals could be the answer. The durability of phosphor bronze seals (which contain between 0.5 and 11% tin and 0.01 to 0.35 % phosphorous) allows them to outlive many of the machines they are installed in.

Seals made from phosphor bronze provide the high spring qualities, fatigue resistance, and strength needed to keep your industrial machines working properly well into the future.

Replacing existing seals with bronze seals can be beneficial. Bronze seals have the ability to resist corrosion, can be repaired easily through brazing or soldering, and offer the strength and durability required to keep your industrial equipment working without delays.

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