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Designing Dog Toys: Companies You Need to Work With

Designing dog toys for a living can be a lucrative career you can enjoy. The pet industry continues to grow despite economic hardships that make other niches fail, and 2015 alone netted over $14 billion of sales in pet supplies alone. Dog toys fall into the category of pet supplies, right alongside leashes, collars, and accessories, and a business in pet supplies can make you a lot of money. If you are wanting to design and sell dog toys for a living, you need to know the type of companies you will want to work with.

Rubber manufacturer 

A rubber manufacturer will help you design and bring to life the custom rubber components of your dog toy. Work with a company that specializes in natural rubber, which is often used in latex, so you can promote your dog toys as being safe and human-grade. This is best accomplished by choosing a manufacturer who also creates custom rubber parts or molding for baby toys and supplies and closely monitors components for safety and quality due to the intended consumer.

Packaging company

While a dog may not care about how their toy is presented to them, their owners will. With many other items on the store shelves, you want to make sure that your dog toys are packaged in an attractive way that will create instant customer appeal. A packaging company can help you choose the material for your toy to be packaged in, including boxes, sacks, or just a ring with a tag, and can help design a beautiful concept that will be hard to miss on a shelf or rack in any store.


A wholesaler is the company that buys your products in bulk and then resells them to retailers to gain a profit. Rather than try to reach out to the retail masses on your own, a wholesaler does the work for you and allows you to sell massive quantities of your dog toys at once. They also help keep the demand for your product strong by choosing the right stores and companies to resell your dog toys to. Choose a wholesaler that specializes in pet products or supplies, as they will know the right retailers to promote your dog toys to.

Designing a dog toy can be more than just a concept with the right companies by your side. If you work with the right professionals you should be able to quickly put your dream on the market and make your fair share of the billions of dollars dog toys can make.