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Pressure Testing For Medical Products

The products used in the medical industry play an essential role in the treatment of patient illnesses. These products must be able to perform without error, as a malfunction could end up costing a patient his or her life.

Quality control testing is critical when it comes to ensuring the integrity of the medical products used in hospitals and private clinics each day. Pressure testing is one of the ways that manufacturers can test the structural integrity of many medical products.

1. Medical Bags

Bags are utilized for a variety of purposes within the medical field. One of the most common uses for medical bags is to house liquid medications that are delivered to patients intravenously. This direct delivery can increase the potency of certain medications and ensure that they begin working as quickly as possible to treat a patient's illness.

Medical bags that are attached to an IV line must be able to retain their structural integrity in order to avoid potential contamination. As part of medical leak testing, manufacturers apply pressure to these bags by filling them with air to test whether or not they are capable of performing without developing a leak.

2. Tubing Sets

Tubing sets are often used in conjunction with medical bags to deliver vital medications directly into a patient's bloodstream. Just as a medical bag needs to be leak-free in order to avoid the potential for contamination, tubing sets must be structurally sound so that liquid medications can be delivered without cause for concern.

Tubing sets are tested for leaks by sending pressurized air through the tubes. If the plastic tubing can withstand exposure to this pressurized air, it is capable of safely delivering lifesaving medications.

3. Catheters

A catheter is used when a patient is bedridden and cannot get up to urinate in a restroom. Catheters are inserted into the urethra so that urine can drain into a collection bag automatically.

Any leaks in a catheter could lead to the development of serious infection. Leaks can also create a mess that hospital staff must spend time and effort cleaning. Medical product manufacturers use pressure testing to ensure the integrity of each catheter sold. Pressure testing can be utilized to test for leaks in both balloon catheters and multi-lumen catheters.

Pressure testing is at the heart of safe medical service. The products utilized in the treatment of illnesses are tested for leaks using pressure tests to ensure the safety of patients in the future.