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What To Look For In Stainless Steel Flange Squares

Access doors need to be sturdy and durable so that they will not come open during an inopportune time. Fortunately, there are 6x6 stainless flange squares that are watertight and will also resist corrosion. There are several characteristics you should look for in flange squares.

An access door is a type of panel attached to a fixture or anything else that is installed behind a wall, ceiling, or floor, such as a pipe. Sometimes, you'll need to have access to a fixture so that you can make repairs. 

304 Stainless Steel

The type of stainless steel used for 6x6 flange squares is 304. This is the most common type of non-metallic stainless steel. It contains a higher amount of chromium and nickel while having low levels of carbon. These forms of stainless steel are considered to be very formable and resist corrosion.

Corrosion resistance makes a 304 stainless steel product ideal for applications where there is a lot of contact with moisture. Products made with 304 stainless steel also tend to be less expensive. 


The stainless flange squares are usually polished. This means that a sheet receives a final pass known as a pinch pass. While the steel will still be gray, it will be brighter and smoother. This produces a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. 


Some 6x6 stainless flange squares can be used with a rubber membrane, but this requires a PVC drain flange coupling. The rubber membrane is designed to make the flange more watertight. This is important when the internal components need to be protected from moisture, which would otherwise cause corrosion and other problems. For example, if the flange allows you to access electrical wiring, moisture could cause a problem.

Easy to Use

6x6 stainless flange squares come with drain holes. Find out what inches in diameter the drain holes are so you can select a flange square that meets your specifications. Make sure that the flange is rated as being ADA compliant in case you have disabled employees who may need to access the flange square. Another accessibility concern is the use of a lock. Flanges that require locks are best for access doors that might pose a security concern, though it makes it less efficient to access the fixture.

Compatible With Your Surface

Typically, the flange is designed to be installed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. They are designed to especially be installed on drywall, but they can be installed on other surfaces too. As a result, each product is highly versatile.

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