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Why Even A Wood Working Hobbyist Should Look Into Installing A Dust Collector

A large commercial company that does a lot of work with wood or other materials that will create shavings or dust when processed will likely invest in a dust collection system in order to keep the work area clean. But you don't have to own a large commercial company to benefit from a dust collector. Dust can be created in any woodshop, including the one in your garage, shed or barn. Here's why even a casual woodworking hobbyist might want to save up to invest in a dust collector installation as soon as possible.

Breathe Easier and Stay Healthy

When you do any kind of woodwork, it's likely that there will be shavings and dust that's sent flying all over the shop. Over time, a shop that is overwhelmed with dust and shavings will become more difficult to breathe in. Even if you regularly sweep your floor or table with a broom, you likely won't do as thorough of a job of waste removal as a dust collection system would.

Removing the dust or shavings from the environment will ensure that no dust is lingering in the air while you are in the shop breathing it in. Breathing in too much dust could easily lead to respiratory issues or illness. There might even be long-term health consequences from breathing in too much dust on a regular basis. A dust collector will keep your shop or work area clean and healthy.

Don't Slip and Stumble

Letting dust or shavings linger in your woodshop isn't just bad for your lungs, it could also be bad for your entire body if you end up taking a nasty fall. As dust builds up over time, there might be areas in your woodshop that become a bit slippery or prone to trouble. The last thing you want to do while woodworking equipment is in operation is to suddenly slip or stumble. A bad fall at the wrong time around your equipment could lead to a far more serious injury than just a bruise from a fall.

Take Pride in Your Shop

If you want people to take your woodworking seriously even as a hobbyist, you need to look the part. Do you really want to invite a friend over to see your latest project while the entire shop is covered in dust? Invest in a dust collection system for your shop and you'll look good while being able to breathe and move around easier as well. 

For more information, contact a dust collector installation service.