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3 Tips For Buying Oil From A Heating Oil Company

Buying heating oil is a reality for a lot of individuals and businesses. This heating oil is used to provide warmth to residences, and commercial and industrial companies. Heating oil is also used to power boilers of all types. If you have any use for this oil and would like to make bulk purchases, you should find a heating oil company that can sell you your pick of fuel. Here are some things that you should know about purchasing fresh heating oil.

1. Find out what type of heating oil you would like to use

You're generally using either kerosene or gas when you purchase heating oil. Kerosene is a lighter oil that will burn cleaner than other types. Gas is a heating oil that is usually heavier and is used by commercial, industrial, and agricultural companies. When you purchase heating oils, they are graded based on quality. They are broken down by Grade 1, Grade 2, Intermediary, and Grade 6. Knowing the grade will tell you more about how much you'll pay, since Grade 1 heating oil is usually the cheapest. Study these heating oil types, and ask your heating oil company to help you decide which kinds will be the most helpful for your needs.

2. Look for a heating oil company to sell you fuel and make your deliveries

You also have to find the heating oil company that you prefer to buy from. Reputation should hold some weight when deciding. Not only do you have to trust that they're giving you a good price, but you also need to expect timely deliveries and quality fuel. Ask them when they make their deliveries and whether they provide 24-hour emergency deliveries or other services.

3. Always know the market prices and find the best rate for your heating oil

Keep up with the markets so that you know how much you should be prepared to pay. It is likely that you will pay about $3 or $4 per gallon on heating oil, depending on which type you get. Buying more can also provide you with an even bigger discount since you are buying in bulk. Ask your heating oil company if you can buy the oil on a contract basis so that you can keep the amount steady over a long stretch of time.

For more information on heating oil and your choices, contact a local heating oil company.