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Determining Your Lift Truck Needs And Finding The Best Solution For Your Business

If you move a lot of freight or materials around in your warehouse or other areas of your business, finding a lift truck for sale that fits your needs could help. Used lift trucks are often a little less expensive, so that might be something you want to consider, but keep in mind, used equipment may mean it needs work or maintenance that the previous owner did not do on it before it was traded in or placed up for sale.

Lift Truck Configurations

Most people referring to lift trucks are talking about forklifts, but there are stock pickers, aerial lifts, and other machines that fall into the category of lift trucks. One of the best places to start looking is at a dealer that offers new and used lift trucks for sale because the dealer can go over all the options and capabilities with you. 

There are many options on these machines, like the machine's size, the lift capacity and height, and even the fuel used in them. Determining what you need can come down to more than just what you want to pick up with it, so talk to the representative at the dealer or have them come and look at your operation. Then, you can discuss the potential machines that will work in your space and fulfill your needs. 

Fuel Concerns

When you are looking at lift trucks for sale to use inside your warehouse or facility, it is crucial that the machine uses a fuel that is safe indoors. These lift trucks often use propane to fuel them because the propane emissions do not contain carbon monoxide, and you can run in the same space where people are working. 

If you are considering a forklift or a stock picker that uses propane, you will need to contract a propane service to fill cylinders to ensure you have the fuel you need. Another option would be to select a unit that runs on electricity or batteries. Still, if you run a twenty-four-hour operation, that may mean having to find two or three lift trucks for sale so that one is operational while the others are having their batteries charged. 

Capacity and Lift Height

The lift height and the amount of weight the lift truck can handle are critical, so when you are looking at lift trucks for sale, you need to know how high your shelving is and how heavy the average pallet being stored on the shelf will be. 

Often the weight capacity and stability change as you raise the load, so if you need to place a pallet three levels up on a shelf, the lift truck must remain stable during the lift.

For more tips on how to purchase a lift truck for sale, contact a local industrial equipment supplier.