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3 Benefits Of Snap Thread Gages

While regular thread gages are an accurate way of checking the size of part and product threads, they aren't the only tool you can use for this job. You can also use snap thread gages. What are the advantages of using a snap tool?

1. Ease Of Use

It can take a while to get used to using a regular thread gage. Each time you have to measure a component's thread, you screw the gauge onto the thread to check its size. If the gage screws on, then you know you have the right size. However, you have to take care to screw the gage on just enough to check its fit without under- or over-screwing it.

Snap thread gages are a lot easier to use. You don't screw these gages in place to check size and position. You simply push the thread through the gage. If it fits, then its dimensions are correct.

2. Speed Of Use

Every time you check a thread with a regular gage, you have to spend time screwing the gage on and off the thread. This can turn into a repetitive and time-consuming job if you have to check a large consignment of parts or products. The more time you take to do this job, the longer it will take to get your parts or products to market.

If you use a snap thread gage, then the whole process speeds up. You don't spend any time screwing the gage on and off a thread. You simply push it through the gage's hole and then move quickly on to the next part or product. You can get through more checks faster. You won't hold up your production or shipping processes.

3. Longer Use

Over time, a regular thread gage might develop problems. Mechanical screw stress can wear down the gage and affect its own threads. If you can't screw a gage on, then it can't do its job. Plus, if you use a gage on softer metals a lot, then the metals might leave surface residue inside the gage's threads. This also affects its ability to work.

Snap thread gages typically last longer. You don't put them under the same screwing stress, so they are less likely to wear down or break. They also aren't as likely to pick up soft metal residues.

To learn more about snap thread options, contact thread gage suppliers near you.