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Four Signs Your Location Needs a Warehouse Pedestrian Detection System

A warehouse pedestrian detection system is an automated tool that provides an advance warning that you might accidentally hit somebody. Depending on how you configure the system, it might even apply the brakes automatically on a forklift or other piece of equipment. 

Should you invest in warehouse pedestrian detection technology, though? Let's look at four signs your operation should adopt this technology.

Workplace Injuries

The simplest reason you might want to adopt such a system is that vehicles are hitting people. If you've seen injuries or even potential accidents involving equipment, don't wait for the unthinkable to occur. A warehouse pedestrian detection system will help you to avoid potential liability and workplace compensation issues. Likewise, your team members will appreciate the commitment to looking out for their safety.

Equipment Maintenance Issues

Maybe your team members are good at handling pedestrian traffic issues. That doesn't mean you won't see some financial losses, though. People often apply brakes hard, and they may do it a little too often if they don't trust the equipment. Consequently, you might see maintenance issues involving the machinery.

Brakes and tires, for example, may suffer wear and tear. If it seems like your systems are suffering a lot of abuse from braking, you might want to adopt a system that handles things more smoothly.


The folks dealing with pedestrians and equipment every day are the ones who know the potential hazards best. If you're receiving formal complaints, that's a sign of trouble. Folks may put their complaints in writing or pass them up through managers or union representatives, for example.

Bear in mind people also informally complain. If you hear team members grumbling about pedestrians or equipment, treat that as a kind of complaint. Also, you should count it as a complaint when someone yells, "Hey! Watch out!" some team members just aren't going to fill out a form to let you know, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be concerned.

Insurance Rates

Generally, insurers reward businesses for adopting measures that reduce their risks. If you don't see deductions on your bill for adopting a warehouse pedestrian detection system, ask your insurer about the possibilities. Learn how much of a difference it might make in your rates so you can do a fair calculation of the benefits. Also, don't be afraid to talk with other insurers to see which one is willing to offer you the best rates for putting safety first.

Contact a company like Hit Not to learn more about warehouse pedestrian safety.