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3 Ways To Find The Right Contact Replacement Kit

All of the electronic equipment used in modern manufacturing relies on electrical contacts. Without functioning contacts, it would be impossible for this equipment to transfer the electrical energy needed for proper performance.

Because electronic devices are always evolving and changing, finding the right replacement contacts for a particular piece of equipment can pose a challenge. If you don't secure an exact match, you could experience significant problems with your electronics over time.

Here are three ways that you can source the right contact replacement kit for your electronics in the future.

1. Check Your Order History

Most manufacturers maintain a written log of all purchases made. This log can serve as a valuable resource when you are trying to locate the right contact replacement kit.

The components within a contact kit do not contain individual part numbers. You must find a past contact kit order that contains the part number for the replacement kit that will match your equipment. The company that you partner with for your replacement parts may be able to look up your previous orders if you no longer have access to them on your end.

Matching the part numbers from an older order to a new one is an easy way to ensure you are getting the right replacement kit.

2. Ask For Visual Confirmation

Although you might only handle a contact replacement kit a few times during your lifetime, the employees working for companies that supply these replacement parts handle kits on a daily basis.

These employees have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the small differences that set one contact kit apart from another. You can tap into this knowledge by taking the existing contact kit from your equipment to your supplier.

A visual examination allows the supplier to look over your contact kit carefully and confirm the part number of that particular kit.

3. Invest in Custom Machining

If you have exhausted all of your available resources and still haven't been able to identify the part number of the contact kit that fits your equipment, it may be time to invest in custom machining.

A machine shop can use your existing contact kit to recreate a replacement kit with the exact same dimensions. A prototype file of the replacement kit can be created as well so that you can easily order new kits whenever your electronic equipment needs to be updated or repaired. 

For more information about replacement contact kits, contact a local company.