Two Safety Tips Novice Welders Should Always Follow

Welding is often an essential part of many home renovations and general construction projects. For those attempting to do their own renovations, the welding part of the project can be extremely intimidating because of the threat of injuring yourself. This is especially problematic for those that have never welded before. However, there are some relatively simple steps that you can take to help minimize the chances that you encounter some of the more common injuries that these projects can cause. [Read More]

Preventing Septic Backup: How Important Are Tank Inspections Anyway?

Out of sight, out of mind, right? It can be easy to get behind on the maintenance of your septic tank, since you rarely have a reason to think about it. Ironically, despite this, your septic system is probably the part of your plumbing most dependent on regular maintenance to prevent malfunctions. You Have to Fix It before It Breaks With most parts of your home's plumbing, it's easy to just put off maintenance until something breaks. [Read More]

Three Portable Sawmill Solutions For The DIY Woodworker

Whether you work with wood for a hobby or as a profession, many tools can make tasks easier. Some tools can also give you the ability to do more, as well as create custom woodwork with materials that cannot be bought in a store. Portable sawmills, planers and milling tools can give you the satisfaction of transforming logs into pieces of art. Here are some sawmill solutions that can help you create custom materials for your projects: [Read More]

3 Creative Uses For Pallet Racks

Do you enjoy doing either arts and crafts or home improvement projects? If so, then you may want to consider working with wooden pallet racks.  The possibilities of different things that you can create out of these racks are practically endless. Here are just a few ideas that you might want to try. 1. Organize Your Kitchen Utilizing wooden pallet racks is an excellent way to help organize your kitchen. You can cut them down to whatever size you wish and use them to store bottles of wine in. [Read More]